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Our Patriots

We proudly list our ancestors below who bravely fought and provided material support during the American Revolutionary War.

Washington Crossing Delaware

Emanuel Leutze's depiction of Washington's attack on Hessian forces at Trenton on the morning of December 26, 1776

 Patriot Name  Rank  State
  Allison, Gaius Gawyn   Lieutenant   PA
  Badger, Obadiah   Private   MA
  Ballard, William   Patriotic Service   VA
  Barron, William   Patriotic Service   GA
  Beaman, Moses   Private   PA
  Bigelow, Josiah   Lieutenant   MA
  Breed, Priscilla Avery   Patriotic Service   SC
  Brown, Oliver   Captain   MA
  Carder, Sanford   Private   VA
  Childs, Samuel   Private   MA
  Coleman, Stephen   Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service   VA
  De Long, George   Patriotic Service   PA
  Dennison, David   SLR   MA
  Dimon, Daniel   Lieutenant   CT
  Duncan, James   Patriotic Service   VA
  Emerson, John   Captain   MA
  Farwell, Abel   Private   MA
  Howard, Obediah   Private   SC
  Hutchins, Strangeman   Patriotic Service   VA
  Jameson, John   Private   PA
  Kramer, George   Private   PA
  Lillard, Thomas   Sergeant, Patriotic Service   VA
  McQueen, Thomas   Private, Patriotic Service   VA
  Mulkey, Jonathan   Private   VA
  Mulkey, Philip   Private   NC
  Needham, John   Sergeant   MA
  Ross, David Jr.   Patriotic Service   NJ
  Rutledge, Peter   Private   MD
  Sedgwick, John   Lieutenant Colonel   CT
  Small, Daniel   Private   MA
  Sweeney, Moses   Patriotic Service   VA
  Verdier, James   Patriotic Service   VA
  Westervelt, John   Private   NY